More Than Anything!!!

More than anything..M.T.A… is a organization i created to let young people know that no matter what anyone says about you or how much a person can verbally abuse you or demean your character you will always be More Than Anything…. I am a product of domestic violence and one of my batterers would always tell me that i was ANYTHING and that i was nothing more than a piece of trash, a hoe  less than special… and after awhile i began to feel that way. I was told that because He wasn’t the first man   to hit me that it was my fault, and not the men…. i was really second guessing myself and wondering ” was it my fault?” Having   the man   you   love    tell    you   that    “The   next    man   you  get  with    is  going     to  kill    you because  thats     the   type of  men   your character attracts        is  hard    to  swallow   it  took three years ,a lot of fights, public  humiliation ,even almost  losing my life to learn that those words didnt define me …it actually made something grow inside of me .. my purpose now is to tell my story ….share my experiences to help other women , men, young people  know  that you are a product of abuse no matter if you   think its just a normal fight ,or argument or a bad name..  you are M.T.A and im going to the next level… to make sure i get the message out